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Welcome to Bollywood

PVH (Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein) — International Event Staff

Reinforce the feeling of being part of the trendy Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein family. As their event partner for a decade, it is our briefing to organise a spectacular annual staff party to thank all employees of PVH Corporation worldwide for their deployment and commitment in the past year.


To create a gripping concept we find inspiration in the focus countries of PVH Corporation. In close collaboration with PVH, we choose one of the world’s most colourful countries: India. Bollywood will be the central theme. Stylish and festive, exuding the core values of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, bringing to live the grandeur of the traditional dances and bright colours of the Maharadjas.


The event location of Amsterdam RAI is hardly recognizable. The scene and interior have an undeniable X-factor. A majestical gazebo offers a stage to dancers, artists and visual effects. Surrounded by tables and chandeliers to host an enormous sit down diner for 1.800 guests. It is followed by an extraordinary party in a colourful Indian garden with a Ferris wheel, a wine bar and different music in four halls. An inviting atmosphere to actually MEET colleagues. It all adds to the festive feeling, creating an unforgettable evening and boosting the concept that every one of them is a PVH fashionista in heart and soul.

Photographer Barwerd van der Plas

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