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Malibu Summer Tour

Pernod Ricard — Malibu Festival Tour

Pernod Ricard introduces three new pre-mixed Malibu cocktails and wants to boost sales and reinforce the brand.


To reach a large number of people we develop three festival formats with several forms of brand activation. This flexible formula can be combined depending on the goal and setting of the event. We create Malibu The Movie, to be used during a dance festival, with a Malibu area with bars, a game and studio, where youngsters can record their own Malibu movie. For large and free public festivals we develop a real eye catcher: a bar surrounding a huge 8 meter tall Malibu can. And our third concept consists of smaller mobile Malibu bars to pop up at several spots on the festival grounds.


The pre-mixed Malibu cocktails were a big hit during the summer festivals. On three out of eight major dance festivals the cocktails were sold out completely. Nearly thousand Mailbu Movies were shared via Facebook and 14.000 Mailibu baseball caps were distributed. A qualitative survey showed that 95,5% of the festival guests really liked the campaign and 78,4% of them also stated to drink more Malibu during a festival.

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