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Accion — International conference

Accion Venture Lab is part of Accion, a non-profit organization connected to FMO, that advices and trains governments, banks, investors and universities on microfinance. Their overall goal is inclusive financial technology, by giving everyone in the world access to bank facilities and digital payment methods. When they are hosting their Global Summit in the Netherlands, they approach us to find suitable locations and to accommodate transport and organization.


The guests are CEO’s of Accion and FMO partner companies from all over the world. Some of them have never seen the sea, so we select a beach club in Scheveningen to accommodate their exclusive forum on the first two days. The summit on the third day takes place in the Caballero factory, known for its industrial and creative setting. Connection is the core value of the summit, so we arrange physical Meeting Points where CEO’s can connect with each other. Before and during the event they can schedule for these personal meetings via our Network App. Also we advise Accion Venture Lab on suitable forms and techniques for the break-out sessions, like panel discussions with enough time and space to exchange ideas.


The Fintech for Inclusion Summit became a fruitful conference. One of the highlights was the launch of a new partnership between Accion Venture Lab, FMO and Quona Capital. Together they raised a fund for financial inclusion. The Network App was used 53 times to make appointments and to suggest topics for the panel discussions. For example how an offline customer can become an active online user. It illustrates the core drive of Accion Venture Lab: accessible financial technologies for everyone. We are proud that we could contribute to this important social goal.

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